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Paul Assaiante

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Coach Paul Assaiante knows how to motivate teams for success. As the current coach of the Men’s Squash team at Trinity College and the former Men’s Tennis team coach, Paul has motivated top athletes from around the world. He is known for his unique achievement as the “winningest coach in college sports history”, winner of 16 NCAA Championships titles, and 24-year dedication as squash coach. Paul’s core belief is the need to embrace fear in order to remove obstacles blocking success. He shares his experience and lessons on building teams of champions in his book, Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear.

Paul brings together the best players from around the world and demonstrates how teammates from diverse cultures, religions, and ethnicities can unite as a winning team year after year. He uses his experiences to help leaders in any field embrace collaboration, cultural diversity, and leadership models that encourage employees to give everything they have- every day, and build winning teams.

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Run to the Roar
Coaching to Overcome Fear


Springfield Regional Chamber

Run to the Roar

Coaching to Overcome Fear

Introduction Video

Run to the Roar

Identifying and Facing the Fears that Block Success

Based on his book, Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear, Paul encourages people to free themselves from the chains of fear, so success and the joy of the journey can be realized. He details how teams can be strengthened through empathy and by nurturing a positive, forward-thinking attitude. Attendees gain insight into his guiding principles “the awesome power of now” and “love wins.” Audiences are inspired to:

  • Give everything they have – every day
  • Be the best they can be – every day
  • Negotiate through change and make the right decisions
  • Identify and face the fears that block success

Keys to Teamwork

Inspiring and Motivating High Performers

Recognizing that egos can sometimes be a distraction from the overall goal, Paul inspires a sense of family among his players. In order to succeed as a group, individuals truly need to buy into the concept that they are a member of a family. All of the family members must have each other’s backs. Through storytelling and a note of humor, Paul inspires winning teams and audiences with the following messages:

  • Individuals do not win, the team wins
  • Individuals each have a role, but all contribute to the greater good
  • Create a sense of ownership, it is essential for leadership loyalty
  • When a group is put through adversity, they become more unified
  • Being part of a team means holding individuals accountable for their own performance

Raising Balanced Kids in a Pressurized Society

For Educators, Parents, and Students

Educators and coaches have a unique opportunity to guide and mentor young people into productive adulthood. Paul has directly impacted many students’ lives through his successful coaching principles. In this talk, Paul explains how today’s high-pressure environment affects our kids and what parents and educators can do to help manage the delicate balance between:

  • Controlling vs. letting kids take ownership of their journey
  • Motivating vs. pushing
  • Rescuing vs. letting kids fail

Strengthening Teams Through Diversity

Paul has built his winning success by recruiting and coaching squash players from around the world who possess the drive and passion to be part of his winning team. Each year, he brings together athletes from different nationalities, religions, and cultures to form a bonded team of national champions. In this lecture, audiences learn the importance of:

  • Cultural diversity in building strong teams
  • Understanding cultural sensitivities
  • Collaboration among team members

The Power of Perseverance

Paul believes that great leaders and managers are those who encourage peak performance every day. They consistently invest time and energy, mentoring their teams to achieve long-term, sustained success. While teams may encounter defeat along the road to success, it’s what comes after the defeat that truly counts. In this presentation, audiences learn:

  • How effective perseverance can lead to victory
  • The endurance to maintain a 13-year winning streak of national championships
  • Overcoming defeat
  • To be a winner and a legacy, you must prepare effectively, pull together as a team, and persevere every single day.